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About Be Like Bro

Be Like Bro is a character used in a series of memes who comments on the picture, the character who says the caption. The character, which has a bushy beard and blood-shot eyes (occasionally wearing a hat or with hair), is generally used in the memes

Be Like Bro Meme Origin

The earliest known usage of the character comes from the Facebook[1] page "BelykBro" (pronounced: Be Like Bro), who posted a picture of the character on March 14th, 2016. The picture (shown below) received more than 11,000 reactions, 180 shares and 400 comments.

Original Be Like Bro

Be Like Bro Meme Spread

In addition to being a popular character on Facebook and Instagram, the character is also a staple of the subreddit /r/ComedyCemetery[4]. On July 7th, 2016, Redditor[5] Millhouse96 posted a webcomic of the character, waking his "bro" from his sleep to give him a sleeping pill (shown below).

Sleeping Pill Bro

Be Like Bro Memes

The comics generally operate as multi-panel image macros. Most feature a humorous picture with "Bro" commenting on the picture (shown below). The character is also used in webcomics, usually talking to himself.

Be Like Bro Comics

National Chicken's Day

On August 1st, 2017, the page[3] posted a picture of Nicki Minaj eating a turkey leg with the caption "Today is national chicken's day. Mention a friend who loves chicken." The post received more than 72,000 reactions 3,500 shares and 32,000 comments.

Be Like Nicki Minaj Bro

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